Stunning Horse Wall Coverings

Stunning Horse Wall Coverings

By Nadine Bennani

Stunning Horse Wall Coverings
One of Not A Box’s specialities is designing and displaying bespoke pieces of artwork, unique to the showroom in Knutsford. We would describe our ever growing art collection as timeless, original and above all truly inspirational. With the winter months ahead the team at Not A Box saw an amazing opportunity to commission two stunning horse wall coverings to adorn the winter window display. 
Read below to see how each of these original pieces of art were created. 


The Process 

The Canvas is gilded by hand using gold leaf. Gold Leaf is extremely fragile to apply and this process takes several days to achieve



Once the gold leaf has set, it is carefully burnished and sealed ready for the design to be expertly hand painted on to the gold leaf background creating these precious and elegant pieces of artwork.

Only the best organic natural pigments are used to create the stunning colours found on each piece of canvas.

Each panel is presented with large gold seams sewn by hand in the workshop which frame its higher and lower extremities plus providing a bar to enable easy hanging and support


 The Result 

We are delighted with these two stunning wall canvases and have received many positive comments from passersby and our valued customers. Please ring for an appointment or come in after lockdown to see what other wonderful pieces of art we have on display. 


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