Modern Industrial Country Design

By Heather Bennani

While industrial design was born out of sustaining the history of buildings, country decor is inspired by the very same past. Modern industrial design looks chic but is economical at the same time. It doesn't shy away from flaunting elements that every other design style try to conceal but if you're going to mix it with country, my advice, keep it minimalistic. Follow this rule and you'll incorporate the country components with ease. Especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

The possibilities are endless, all that is required is a bit of careful planning and a big imagination to create a happy marriage of industrial dapper and homely country grace.

Trying to strike a balance between two different design styles can be quite tricky especially when putting together an old-fashioned and a present-day trend. But creating this balance is not beyond the bounds of possibility and when done to perfection a fusion of traditional and modern decor grants the comforts and pleasures of both worlds.;creating a warm atmospheric home.

Get creative with pipe fixtures and taps. Be brave with an oversize wooden vessel used as a basin placed on top of broad steel legs, always a nice addition to go with this theme.

Replace conventional carpet with stone or hardwood floor to showcase a beautiful natural wooden table or island and never hesitate to mix various materials and textures.


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