Miss Havisham comes to Not a Box in Knutsford

By Lindsay Jones

Rather than letting Covid-19 restrictions dampen the fun, we have been getting creative with our shop front for Halloween.

We have gone the extra mile to create a wonderfully unique festive Halloween display, and have even recreated Miss Havisham, the aggrieved and decrepit antagonist of Charles Dickens’s novel, Great Expectations.

Miss Havisham

Nadine, Heather, and our product curator, Helena Carrington, spent hours recreating the body of Miss Havisham, using materials including transparent packaging tape and then adorned her in an antique satin wedding train and silk gossamer veil kindly lent to them from Mischa, one of the dealers from Knutsford Antiques, adding a wonderful vintage feel to the display.

We baked a real wedding cake and decorated the window with skulls, spiders, candles, plants and more.

Wedding Cake

Heather Bennani, co-founder of Not a Box said, “I think it’s important for businesses to do the best they can in difficult circumstances and to keep looking forward. So, we decided to make an impact by creating a Not A Box take on the Charles Dickens, Miss Havisham wedding breakfast.

“We spent a day making her, but it is time well spent as we have had lots of passers-by pop in to ask us about our window display and find out more about what we do.”

Nadine also commented on the display, saying, “It has been great getting into the festive feeling despite the hard time we have all been going through. We hope the people of Knutsford and beyond enjoy our display, and we have already started planning for our Christmas window, which we can’t wait for.”

She continued, “We are excited to be taking part in Knutsford’s Pumpkin Path. We know it isn’t the same format as in previous years, but we know it is still going to be a wonderful family event. We are looking forward to seeing all the families in their costumes.”

display for Halloween


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