Less Shabby More Chic!

By Heather Bennani

In our top Interior Design Styles, Not A Box naturally includes our updated version of the so-called "shabby-chic" style. This "French Style", creates a blend of history and charm which originated in decorating trends in English country homes and enjoyed very popular appeal during the 1990s. It is also easy to see why it has visual associations with French furnishing and decor as it is highly probable that the inspiration for the "English country" homes interior came from the second homes many people were buying and doing up in France at the time, especially in the Dordogne and Provence.

By 2010, publications with "Lifestyle" sections, were vaunting the death of the shabby chic look.  Interior design aficionados, are still seduced by shabby chic, just a casual browse around antique shops or Interior designer showrooms reveals there is still plenty of pieces about. And it sells!

This familiar Style of interiors remain popular because they form a congregation of family furnishings, tones and finishes that exude a feeling of being both graceful and ageing. The new less shabby more chic look celebrates the character and beauty of curated objects, more, even, than their lineage or heritage. It's redolent, rather, of having a back story along with a gracefully fading elegance. https://www.notabox.co.uk/collections/home-accessories

The followers of this updated style are all about their homes being personal and subjective; it's about comfort and practicality. We want to feel at home - "chez nous"

The essence of this updated version of "Shabby Chic" isn't about fashion - save that for your clothes - but about feeling at ease with ourselves and the beautiful surroundings we've lovingly created. 


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