Luxury Home Accessories Make Your Home Your Castle

By Heather Bennani

They say your home is your castle, but to really feel like that is the case, you need luxury home accessories fit for a king or queen.
You want something distinctive - even unique - but that doesn't mean luxury home accessories can't be practical too, and high-quality home furnishings can be as pleasing on the eye as hanging artworks.
At Not A Box we help you to live beautifully, with accessories you simply will not find anywhere else, of a standard suitable for the most luxurious homes and commercial properties in the country.
Whether you have a heritage or contemporary property, we can supply accessories to suit the exterior or interior style of the building, or to contrast with it and create a distinctive feeling in a particular room.
Our recent work at the Oak Farmhouse in Ollerton is the perfect example of how this can be achieved - a period property with a very modern kitchen, which is given a sense of space with subtle decorations and zonal lighting.
The neighbouring dining room, on the other hand, has a more homely and welcoming feeling for guests, thanks to the sheepskin rugs and more decorative chandelier lighting in this area of the open-plan living space.
We can style your property to ensure that areas adjacent to one another in this way have their own personalities, while complementing the overall theme or scheme of your residence.
The Not A Box team have done this many times before, on the country's most desirable residential properties and high-end boutique hotels, and there's a good chance you've sat on one of our vintage chairs or sheepskin stools, or beneath the light of one of our chandeliers, without even realising it.
Ultimately of course, the point is to create a style that blends seamlessly with the fabric of your property, rather than interiors that stand out as having been designed.
Rustic wooden tables, chairs and benches give a timeless quality to your furniture, softened by plush cushions, with elegant console tables for hallways and reception rooms.
It's a way to stamp your identity on a property - even a listed property - without making substantial alterations to the building itself, and best of all is the fact that most luxury home accessories can be taken with you the next time you move, protecting your investment in the most valuable of statement pieces for the future as well.


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