Transitional, Glamourous, Sleek, Dedicated

Bella Figura has been for a very long time every Interior Designers secret and Ross is the charismatic Sales Director.

1. Tell us a bit about your design background?

I have drawn and painted all my life completing a degree in Fine Art at Chelsea Art College some 20 years ago. My work is very contemporary and often incorporates the space and environment to where it will be housed.

2. What interested you in the lighting industry?

Always with a huge passion for interiors I started my retail career at Harrods on the furniture floor where a stayed for many years. The lighting department was my favourite department. The departments brilliance of glass, crystal and metals always reminded me of Christmas trees as a little boy, my face would always light up!

3. Has the industry changed much since you first started?

The industry is forever changing, lighting designs are constantly revisited or revived, improved, modified or simply just made more simple.

4. Do you design any of the lights for Bella Figura?

All the lights are collectively designed by me and the MD Charles Wightman.

5. How are they created/manufactured?

All the glass is hand blown on the island of Murano or mainland Venice, Italy. Many of the metal frames are also made in Italy. Much of our Lucite and classical products are made in England and put together by a collection of true craftsmen.




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