Luxury dining tables put a heart in your home

By Nadine Bennani

Luxury dining tables are more than just a place to have dinner. They create a centrepiece for your dining room, and for your home as a whole, especially when there's a celebration or a big family get-together taking place.

You can use them for more than just mealtimes though - they're a card table, a flat surface for board games, a clear area on which you can put together a jigsaw puzzle, and somewhere to spread out your paperwork when there's important admin to be done.

But for many families, sitting down for dinner together is the main reason to have a large dining room table, and this is something that hasn't changed for generations, and probably won't change within the foreseeable future either.

You might only all sit down together at Christmas; or perhaps once a week as you carve the Sunday roast; or maybe you cherish the values of good family traditions, including sitting down at the table for your evening meal every night, no matter what else may have happened during the day.

There are plenty of good reasons to do so, from the health benefits of serving up a proper meal with a good combination of vegetables and protein, to removing the risk of spilling food and drink on other, more delicate furniture in the house.

Rustic dining room tables in particular can be more forgiving of any spills, and of course there is always the option of placing a tablecloth over the surface if you want to give it an extra layer of protection.

Dining tables are built to last either way - and you will often find them as one of the few items of furniture to be passed down as family heirlooms from one generation to the next - so by investing in a statement piece, you can add a cherished item to your estate for your own enjoyment, and for the future benefit of your children too.


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