Rustic or Reproduction?

By Heather Bennani

The internet has made it easier than ever before to search for unique, high-end home furnishings, just by putting the relevant words into Google and hitting enter.

But if you've ever been unlucky enough to buy from one of the internet's less scrupulous websites, you'll know how bad a cheap reproduction piece can look, especially in a room that is otherwise decorated to a very high standard.

If you've gone to the trouble and expense of hanging artisan wallpaper and installing statement furniture, you don't want to destroy the effect by adding a cheap candlestick or poor-quality light fitting to your space.

The problem is, there are no real regulations on what you can and can't say in an online product description - and you'll find almost anything described as 'luxury' or 'rustic' if you look hard enough.

Painted items described as 'hand-finished' may have had as little as a single contact with a hand-held paintbrush during their manufacture, and that's assuming the description is accurate at all.

Buy internationally and you're on even more dangerous ground, as you may not be able to appeal to UK trading standards laws, and of course if you want to return the product to the retailer later, it could prove very expensive to ship it back to them.

At Not A Box we attend international events in person to make sure the products are genuine artisan creations, and not mass market reproductions that have just been creatively marketed.

Home decor exhibitions like Maison & Objet Paris offer an insight into the most stylish new products entering the market - and we bring home the best to offer to our customers within the UK, complete with a British standard of customer service.

This doesn't just apply to our artistic pieces - our more practical products are researched with the same care and attention, and our dining furniture stands head and shoulders above similarly described furniture on Google - if you want quality, start your search with us instead.

Of course, there is a place for reproduction pieces in home design, and many interiors benefit from using 'repro' furniture that would be impossible to source in the present day; however, it is about quality and respecting the heritage of the style in question.

We make sure only to select the very best so, whether items are antique or newly made, they still look fantastic in situ and can even be combined alongside one another for a contrast of different periods.

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